Causes of Male impotence

Male impotence is a very common problem among men all around the world, and it is growing dayby day. The causes of male impotence are very common and are considered to be more physical than mental or psychological. This disorder restricts the person from being reproduced by stopping the production of some hormones necessary for the process. The number of people who suffer from impotency is astonishingly high, and it is seen that the number is very high in case of the people who are above 40. It is normally hereditary in case of most men who are impotent but there may be many othe rexternal or induced causes of male impotence, and they lead to extreme anxiety and a feel of inferiorityin the suffering patients.

The main secondary reasons which can be listed as causes of Male impotence are diseases like diabetes mellitus, Atherosclerosis, renal or kidney failure, neurological disorders and heartĀ diseases. It may also occur due to some external injury in the pelvic or abdominal region. It is very common in bicycle riders as it occurs gradually in their case and finally results in this unfortunate disorder.

There are many types of treatments available for the men suffering from impotency. The causesĀ of male impotence can be repelled and special care should be taken so that they cannot occur. Sexual counseling is offered to men who are impotent so that they do not lose confidence and in order tomoralize them. Viagra is also widely used by the patients as an answer to their impotency. It is rumored to be successful in nearly 75% of the cases. Hormone replacement is also tried by some patients wher etestosterone is injected in the body. This process increases the potency of the impotent person and helpsin combating the disorder.

Erectile dysfunction: All about it

Erectile dysfunction or ED, is the inability of a man to get or retain an erection sufficient enough for having sexual intercourse. Although, it is also known as impotency, but it does not relate to the other problems that interfere with coitus or reproduction. Hence, while using this term one should be clear that it does not involve any other kind of problems. In older men, it is not a problem but rather a physical change. Erectile dysfunction can be explained as the total inability to achieve an erection or a tendency to sustain brief erections. It is rather difficult to estimate the incidence of this disease.

ED is generally caused when the nerves are affected or because of impaired blood flow to the penis. There are many factors contributing to ED. Excessive smoking and drinking tops all of them. Regular smokers fall prey to erectile dysfunction quickly as nicotine inhibits the production of hormones related to erection. Emotional disorders and problems in relationships also contribute to the psychogenic part. One should always try to be emotionally happy. Other reasons include diabetes and high cholesterol problems. Men in their early stages of heart diseases are also prone to facing an erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is curable. It can be treated at any age. ED in most cases is not psychological in origin and can be eminently cured. The rate of people being affected by this disease has been consistently rising. Lately there have been tremendous advancements in this field. Many pharmaceutical companies have launched many products to cure ED. But the most popular among them all is the oral drug Viagra. Almost every adult in America knows about this prescription drug. Many people are getting aware of this problem. Thanks to the various successful diagnoses available today, a large number of men are taking help to get regain their normal erection abilities.